Monday, June 14, 2004


This blog is written by Johny B. Goode (Pen Name). I'm a geek and sometimes a nerd. However, most smarts required to be truly a nerd are missing.

I blog about technology, music, news, and babies. Oh the cutest things they do! It's pretty amazing to watch a little person complete with their own mindset and personality. Sometimes as a programmer, I think it's so simple describing a baby but then I see kids do the most amazing things and I think to myself, "You can't program that!" Life, from the very get go, is complex and a gift from God.

The blog is always about something fun. If I'm not having fun, I'm probably stuck at work. Even so, I'll think of fun things to do later.

Much of the technology today is a fad. It comes and goes. Some things catch our fancy and grab our attention. These are the things we might spend our hard-earned money on. It is these things you might read about here.

Then there's the new technologies in software. I might be learning something new for work. Or for fun. It is these things you might see a post or two about.

Over the years I have started many blogs. None has constant as many posts as this one. I have been away for long periods of time from this blog and have still come back and posted more. So hopefully, you'll find something fun to read.