Thursday, September 30, 2004

Is everybody blogging now?

Well, it would appear so. Is that a good thing? Not necessarily. If everyone has a blog and each blog has a ton of "crap", then soon people will be avoiding blogs. Others will develop solutions to block all blogs from displaying on your computer and want to sell those to you. And then the internet will break! Nah, the internet is just fine for the moment.

Anyway, everybody having a blog could be a good thing, too. Everyone is able to say what they want but behave as a responsible netizen and don't spam others with website-hit-solicitations. And that's pretty much the way it is right now.

Although mine would still be a boring blog. 'Coz I would still not have any interesting to say. Or if I find something interesting the post won't be coherent enough for five consecutive lines to draw a reader in. I could hide subliminal message behind the text tho....

Or I could just go to sleep on time for a change so I can wake up in the morning on time. :)


New Show

The new Joey show is pretty OK. I can't seem to decide whether I like Joey's sister or not. She's normal sometimes and then she's absolutely crazy at other times. Joey is his same stupid self. Funny too. Although, he should do some growing up since he doesn't have all the friends looking out for him. If he's gonna end up having his sister look out for him, that's would be no character development.

I should not analyze all that much. It's just a show anyway.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Tick Tock

My brother was just talking to one of our cousins and they were talking about some other cousin being old. They decided 25 was old but the one my brother was talking to is 27. This just reminds me that I'm 27.

Well, 18 and life starts. You have dreams. You're fresh in college and you got this whole parking lot full of dreams and goals and ambitions. Then 21 hits. The rest is just clock works. It's just tick tock. The years they just tick tock. Man, I'm 27! What worries me is that I still enjoy programming and spending time on the computer. I am a real geek. *sheesh*

Well, we hope and then we pray and we just march on. Come to think of it, that is all we _can_ do. :) But is that all we're supposed to do?

Sunday, September 12, 2004


Free ipod. Well if anyone's reading this, go to the link below and sign up. Pick a stupid offer such as ancestry or blockbuster and wait for 2 weeks and then cancel the subscription before you get billed. If 5 readers do that, I might get a free ipod.



MDX - 2

So the MDX issue was fixed after installing VS.NET2003. My code didn't work but the Samples worked just fine. So I started inspecting the sample code and found that I was initializing my Device differently. Not same but correct nonetheless, mind you, since the MSDN is where I got the documentation. Anyway, after synching my code with the samples, it worked fine.

I have to sit down and write code to read and parse a WAVE file and display a graph of it in the editor. After that I can load in multiple WAVE files and just play them all at the same time. Next comes recording but that is already done. Editing and playing WAVE files in the right place would be the biggest challenge of this endeavor.

Too much code related talk.


Thursday, September 09, 2004


Been trying to get Managed DirectSound sample with the DX9.0c SDK to work. They're just not working. keeps returning "Error in the Application". Geez, could you scale back on the amount of information returned? I can't handle that much detail?

On the other hand, the VC++ 7.0 sample all work.

The DX9 installation is ok, then. Just the MDX samples don't work. Wrote code from scratch. Same problem. If it will just work.

Or I could just use the VC++ 7.0 and write wrapper classes and then use the classes in C# over interop. That's just too much work. Maybe I should just do my whole app in VC++ 7.0. Be smart and learn to deal with MSVC++ once again. Or I could just do another application. :)

It's all good.


Well, I think I fixed the customer's issue with the software that we delivered. So now, I pray it doesn't come back with another issue 'coz this customer is just finding one issue after another. First they sign off on a document saying they want what's stated in the document. Then they report one of the features as defect. Then they escalate to upper upper management that the defect software is not being fixed. Once they got my company to break the convention of rubbing the Func. Spec. in their face, they have been bringing up one non-issue after another non-issue.

Maybe my company should get a spine. How much would one of those be going for on eBay? I wonder.

Have been slow at guitar practice lately. Still haven't started looking for practice mates. Been planning on that for more than a year now. Just sitting back and messing with the computer at home.

Monday, September 06, 2004

President Bush's picture adorns fake $200 bill - Sep. 2, 2004

President Bush's picture adorns fake $200 bill - Sep. 2, 2004

Pretty Cool!

When is Kerry having his own bill in circulation?

What could be the title of this blog!

Instead of wasting time on the titles of the blogs, I will put a little update here for those who read this blog regularly. And I could count all those on one hand. But at least somebody is reading this blog.

URLBlue, I see some curious hits from urlblue, occasionally. Not sure if it's the cinema guy reading this blog or it his website tracking software is just hitting my server. Whatever. I have some traffic generated on this blog that is not by me. Woohoo.

Well, of to do some other things now. This should keep the blog fans happy for now.