Friday, July 29, 2005

Design Documents

Ah, the software engineering cycle. Application develoment cycle. All the documentation that goes along! Just fun!


I've been working on a Design Document for a project. The technical writer side of me says it better be good. The technical side of me says, it better be a good Design Document and other developers should be able to look at this document and engineer the solution. The practical side of me says, since the business doesn't really respect the technical writing and always wants things done their way, which is "how they've always done it", why should I bother? The practical side also says, just get it done and put it out there. Since I'll be the one developing with another developer who already knows the details, we won't really have to come back to the Design Document and criticize it.

You see, this is all part of the new process we're following. We have a process that we try to follow for each project and this process addresses each step of software engineering cycle. Documentation, design, implementation, testing and all. How ever this causes our time estimates to be thru the roof. Which could be a good thing for us.

When all is said and done, I wouldn't buy a solution from me if I saw one of my estimates. What a jerk!


Just saw the movie Hitch. I liked it a lot. It had a really funny tone to it. For the most part the idiot was played by the guy from "King of Queens" or whatever that show is. Although even Will Smith played the idiot a little in the end when he didn't understand the girl he was in love with.

Both actors just did a really really good job of handling this movie. I liked the girl also but I don't recognize her. Some parts of the movie could be called slightly cheesy by a few people but for the most part it was a straight love/comedy movie that just did a really good job.

I enjoyed it while I was watching and didn't have any of those moments where you would go take a restroom break without pausing the movie.

Also saw The Pacifier with Vin D. That one was also pretty good. Although not in the same league as Hitch but it was funny and lighthearted enough to be fun overall. Some bits of the movie were a little annoying or just plain too much but overall it's a fun watch. It has a very light mood overall.

And that wraps up this unofficial two-word review.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

SMU School of Engineering

SMU School of Engineering

Pretty decent program