Sunday, August 30, 2009

Slow Sunday

What a beautiful day! Slow sunday. Church was a lot of fun.

The sermon was good to hear. It is always amazing to learn new things and enjoy learning things about the Word of God.

Waiting for next Sunday.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Web Services, Web Services, Web Services....

So have the .NET WCF based Web Services gotten too complicated? I mean they say Web Services, but really they want to say Services. They have Web Servers, Windows Services, Stand Alone services, etc. Services is becoming a generic term to umbrella over any communication service. Hence, Windows Commmunication Services.

I wanted to write a simple Web Service in .NET 4.0 and after fiddling with it for a few minutes, I just gave up. The .NET web.config file are starting to become an art and a skill requiring an explicit mention on the resume. It's a skill in itself to be able to understand the web.config file. To edit it, is another level of skill. One can't just go in a web.config file and change things around. If your projects service didn't get added properly, you don't just go around and try to correct that in the web.config. You hope to delete all service related items and re-add the service.

I added a new service to a project and something wasn't add properly. So, it would not compile. As a result, I removed the service and it left entries in the web.config file. It would still not compile. So I manually deleted all service related nodes. Then the project compiled. Then I added the service again. This time, it would run but wouldn't show me any method on the browse page. It talked about modifying the web.config to allow method display. After a minute, I realized that that is something I don't know.

So while it was easy to write Web Services in 2.0, 3.0 with older compilers, the new WCF based services are something that require some research and reading.

I will spend time reading about the WCF to learn about these. I'll be blogging about those soon.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Another Sunday

Here we are and it's another Sunday. I was just reading my previous post. It's funny how that post was written when it was rainy and I was wishing for summer. Today it's summer. And it's too hot and you break a sweat just walking to the Church building. And I was wishing thinking after the previous post that it would be nice to have a cool breezy day. Of course, drizzle and real cold temperatures aren't desirable. But slight cool wind at 65-70 is really nice. A little nippy....

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Beautiful Sunday

A new day. A Sunday. Time to go to church! :) Well, getting ready to get out the door.

It's been raining or been rain-like the whole week. Kinda has that gloomy look. We were wondering if London is like this all the time, that would be pretty weird.

Anyway, the next week is forecast for rain again. Hopefully, the rain will go away and it will get sunny and bright and summerlike.


Thursday, February 26, 2009

WPF vs. WinForms!

As I design our groups main product and continue to see issues such as user experience including ADA compliance, I realize that I have to have a better solution than using fixed size images on the screen. So I set about searching for themes and see what the themes allow with Windows Presentation Foundation for dynamic GUI change.

I am hoping that this can translate well over embedding WPF based controls in the browser. Keep in mind that this is not a WPF web-based solution (kind of silverslight solution), but rather a .NET control. This .NET control is done in WPF and used either in thick client scenario or in a web-based embedded scenario.

There might be a better solution as I research more. There might be a way to design an app to be used in thick and thin clients using WPF without having to embed it in the browser, but then again that wouldn't work in my app. My app needs to download and run in the browser and open tcp channel.

Anyway, the following article was well written and has good points on WPF.