Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Computer #2

Got the new computer today. It looks sweet. Gotta buy a monitor. Gotta buy a router.

Then the two computers should be working together soon. And nature calls....

Time to go home

Is it time to go home yet?

I think it is. 6:40PM? Man, that's a lot of work for being a salaried emp.

Wonder where my future sail boat is right now. I should start a sailboat fund so people can donate money towards the sailboat fund. Like Dan over at the Cinema 24.

Ah, one of these days. :)

Bush vs. Kerry

Why is the Bush vs. Kerry drama slowing down? I mean we need more slander. Of course, I'm rooting for the Bush/Chenney team. Does Kerry even have a running mate? Not that Bush is the best guy out there but hey, he's the better of the two.

Not to mention it would break the Texas tradition for me to not support Bush.... At least with words ('coz I ain't donating for either side).

So "Go Bush!"


Google Test entry using the BlogThis feature also available on the Google Toolbar. :)


Every morning I come here (to work apparently) and start daydreaming about travelling the world. I search for travelling related material online. I peruse websites and read about others' experiences.

Could I possibly get out of this rackety old cube one day and go different places? I think so....

I would love to get a big boat and just sail across the sea. Dock in different harbors. Aye Matey!

And if I were tired of sailing I would simply fly.