Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Saturday, October 09, 2004

I own a timber company?

Debate: Oct. 8th, 2004

So Kerry didn't wanna respond to that? Does Bush own a timber company or not?

I'm not sure exactly who will be considered the winner of this debate. But I think Kerry is starting to lose his footing. Not to mention he contradicted himself at least one time that I noticed. He answered the question one way but then went on to say that he believed and would support the opposite of that. Only if I can remember what issue it was.

The abortion response bothered me from Kerry in terms of leadership quality. He believes its wrong because he believes that life begins at conception. Then it really is not a matter of forcing your opinion on others. Then it's a matter of protecting life. And as the president, the leader, he will just stand by and let people kill others. What kind of conviction is that? He does believe that a life is being taken but he cannot force that opinion on others. If you can't stand up for what you believe in, how can you represent others? How can you defend what others believe in if you don't have the guts to defend what you believe in?

Kudos to Bush for delivering a much better performance that the last time (which I only read about). Down here in TX, we should all be rooting for Bush!

My, my, is my Bush-bias showing?

Thursday, October 07, 2004

New Blog (Errrrr..... New Entry)

It's almost Friday. I can almost smell the friday in the air. One more day of faking work and then it's two days of actually not working. Unless sitting on the couch is work.

But then again, recording such awesome music as can make my colleagues bang their heads could also be called work.

Or driving out to buy all flavors of chips is also work. All mentos flavors and cigarettes.

Seriously though, I am just so glad to have a couple of days off. I just can't figure out a way yet to not have to have a fulltime job instead of working as a contractor or parttime jobs. All this with some financialy security, of course.

Maybe I should start a new search engine. The next unpatented word out of babytalk is gaga-goo-goo-gablable. Unless that has also been used to define a completely uninspired and useless mathematical concept by an equally uninspired mathematician!

Sunday, October 03, 2004


This blog entry is just a filler. Just filling up space making sure I have an entry here everyday. :)

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Another Vice?

Drinking, smoking, cussing, or laziness - people have many vices. Now it would seem that blogging might become one of mine. Why, the time I spend fixing this site's template alone would make me a millionaire if I spend that kind of time on a business or at least a business plan.

But this world is not full of practical people. The world is full of people who have big intentions. Having big intentions is not necessarily synonymous with having big plans. It just means someday a lot of people will do something great. Today is, however, just another day. If only....

Anyway, spent a lot of time playing the piano and then the guitar. Still feeling bored though. I need to find a hobby. Not something as laborous as gardening. Something more like.... Wine Tasting. Or perhaps joining a book club (no, I'm not saying that because of Joey and the book club). Or maybe practicing guitar with a real band. Something that will allow me to get out but not mean a lot of work.

We all grow up and put away our childhood games
But deep inside I wonder if we really change
’cause I’m still seeking, though I’ve learned to hide so well
And I can still remember how it felt
Singing, ollie, ollie, everybody free!
Will I ever find someone pursuing me?
Michael W. Smith - Everybody Free.

Bush Or Kerry

Oh, the debate! First off, I didn't watch the debate. Wait, so am I still eligible to talk about it. Yes! Because that's all I've read all day in the news. So I should be able to get my $0.02 in.

Oh Bush is so childish and Kerry is so smart! It's true that Bush is not well polished and he is not the most eloquent speaker. And there's many other things that he is not. Suffice it to say that he's not the first person that comes to mind when you hear the word "refined."

Kerry on the other hand has the package. The smug expression. The forceful personality. The right gestures (of course both candidates were criticized on their body language, but still). He knows when to smile. He can comb his hair before getting in front of the press. And so on. However, he's also not the first things that comes to mind when you hear the word "refined." He is the first things that comes to mind, however, when you hear the words "empty can". Afterall he has the loudest rattle.

I shall liken him unto an onion. He shows a lot of promise. But you can keep peeling and peeling, you will only find more to peel. He can't even commit to the democratic agendas for crying out loud. I mean sure he can take shots at Bush now (during the campaign), but is he planning on doing anything useful if elected? Or is he just going to keep slandering Bush for his entire term of 4 years? Anybody who votes for Kerry should at least ask themselves why they're throwing their vote away. I mean if you do have the right to vote, that in itself is worth nothing unless exercise properly.

Now, if we can get past the appearances, do we even know which candidate is going to do what for the people? Not really. It's good enough to hear them say what they're going to bring to the table. Why bother finding out on our own? Why look into these people's past record. That would be too much work. After the debate Leno will have insightful commentary, afterall. That oughta be enough.

I don't agree with many things Bush has done but he has tried. He has a good character. He is fighting for something. He has a goal in mind. Kerry, on the other hand, has open-ended plans for every major issue dogging the people today. I'm sure if in a hypothetical world he was elected, he would probably sail clear of making any major decisions. He is the kind of person that will spend 4 years socializing with the UN and the EU.

I think people should decide whether they want a poster boy or somebody who will at least try to make things better.

This post is getting too long. So I'll end it here.

Friday, October 01, 2004

New look for the blog.

Trying out this new look for the blog. I think I like it.