Monday, June 21, 2004

Allow me to rebut

My boss gave me a piece of his mind today, just like that. Only if I could rebut and tell him that I don't have to listen to that. If only I could walk right out! But.... I know I need the job and he knows it. So there we were, my face was all red - I was embarrassed because of not being able to defend myself and I was mad because I didn't wanna have to listen to such insults. But quietly I let the storm die down and then I just told my boss that I'd do a better job. And back to work. Whatever, Man!

American Corporate culture is taking over peoples' lives. It's forcing people to live for working and that's not good. Currently everything in America is owned by GE. If GE doesn't own it then GM surely does. And if even GM didn't consider it worth its money, then it's peanuts and Ford definitely owns it. Together they're corrupting the lifestyles and the living standards of an entire generation just to be able to turn a profit.

Forget this, I want to be a king!

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