Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Bush vs. Kerry

Why is the Bush vs. Kerry drama slowing down? I mean we need more slander. Of course, I'm rooting for the Bush/Chenney team. Does Kerry even have a running mate? Not that Bush is the best guy out there but hey, he's the better of the two.

Not to mention it would break the Texas tradition for me to not support Bush.... At least with words ('coz I ain't donating for either side).

So "Go Bush!"

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lol I'd rather have Kerry just because Bush lied to us about the war in the first place and rushed us into battle without us even really knowing if the suspected where invovled. You listen to his "speeches", he has nothing more to say than what he said after 9/11. I'm with Kerry on most issues like min. wage being increased to 7$ a hour because you can't make a living off of 5. I dunno. Just a random opinon...