Thursday, September 30, 2004

Is everybody blogging now?

Well, it would appear so. Is that a good thing? Not necessarily. If everyone has a blog and each blog has a ton of "crap", then soon people will be avoiding blogs. Others will develop solutions to block all blogs from displaying on your computer and want to sell those to you. And then the internet will break! Nah, the internet is just fine for the moment.

Anyway, everybody having a blog could be a good thing, too. Everyone is able to say what they want but behave as a responsible netizen and don't spam others with website-hit-solicitations. And that's pretty much the way it is right now.

Although mine would still be a boring blog. 'Coz I would still not have any interesting to say. Or if I find something interesting the post won't be coherent enough for five consecutive lines to draw a reader in. I could hide subliminal message behind the text tho....

Or I could just go to sleep on time for a change so I can wake up in the morning on time. :)


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