Saturday, October 02, 2004

Another Vice?

Drinking, smoking, cussing, or laziness - people have many vices. Now it would seem that blogging might become one of mine. Why, the time I spend fixing this site's template alone would make me a millionaire if I spend that kind of time on a business or at least a business plan.

But this world is not full of practical people. The world is full of people who have big intentions. Having big intentions is not necessarily synonymous with having big plans. It just means someday a lot of people will do something great. Today is, however, just another day. If only....

Anyway, spent a lot of time playing the piano and then the guitar. Still feeling bored though. I need to find a hobby. Not something as laborous as gardening. Something more like.... Wine Tasting. Or perhaps joining a book club (no, I'm not saying that because of Joey and the book club). Or maybe practicing guitar with a real band. Something that will allow me to get out but not mean a lot of work.

We all grow up and put away our childhood games
But deep inside I wonder if we really change
’cause I’m still seeking, though I’ve learned to hide so well
And I can still remember how it felt
Singing, ollie, ollie, everybody free!
Will I ever find someone pursuing me?
Michael W. Smith - Everybody Free.

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