Thursday, October 07, 2004

New Blog (Errrrr..... New Entry)

It's almost Friday. I can almost smell the friday in the air. One more day of faking work and then it's two days of actually not working. Unless sitting on the couch is work.

But then again, recording such awesome music as can make my colleagues bang their heads could also be called work.

Or driving out to buy all flavors of chips is also work. All mentos flavors and cigarettes.

Seriously though, I am just so glad to have a couple of days off. I just can't figure out a way yet to not have to have a fulltime job instead of working as a contractor or parttime jobs. All this with some financialy security, of course.

Maybe I should start a new search engine. The next unpatented word out of babytalk is gaga-goo-goo-gablable. Unless that has also been used to define a completely uninspired and useless mathematical concept by an equally uninspired mathematician!

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