Tuesday, December 28, 2004


So the Christmas is come and gone. Well the Christmas season isn't really gone until after the new year's day. But the 25th is come and gone. It was a lot of fun. Going to church. Meeting different people. Meeting people never met before or not met in a long time, was OK. Celebrating the birthday of Jesus was fun. Learning something from it all was fun.

Didn't see many decorations. It's the decoration nazis turning this place into a monotonous, one-colored, alloted number of lights per house boredom. Because the Christmas tree offends people, for no reason other than the fact that they are not christian, it is removed. Or sometimes just renamed as a community tree. Never mind, that the Christmas is a christian celebration!

Anyway, just figure I'd update the blog. Not very many people read it. But hey, that's not why I have a blog. It's just so I can put my thoughts out there. :)

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all!

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