Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Judge for Sale?

Yahoo! News - Judge Not for Sale, Despite eBay Listing

NEW YORK - A Manhattan housing court judge said he was not amused by an advertisement on eBay that listed him for sale — with worldwide shipping included — posted by a disgruntled litigant.

The ad, entitled "Judge for Sale," was posted last Wednesday by Janet Schoenberg, a disgruntled litigant in a landlord-tenant dispute in New York City Civil Court who said Klein was mishandling the case and that she had exhausted other ways of drawing attention to her case.

What a way to show the world that you're not stupid and that you should actually be taken seriously. What a way to build your case. Wow! After this, the "disgruntled litigant" should have no problems winning her case.

See Johny, how simple this law stuff is?

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