Thursday, June 09, 2005

Be Cool?

Just watched "Be Cool". Would have been a great movie if it had stuck to the original story in the book and if it didn't preach black-ism at every turn.

Don't get me wrong, discrimination is unacceptable and I do believe in equality of all people. But sometimes a movie is just a movie and a story is just a story. We cannot turn all stories, songs, events, movies, and make them politically correct.

The original story also called for a rock 'n roll band trying to make it big. But here it's a big hip-hop artists that starts out making an initial appearance with the rockers Aerosmith. Exposure to one audience made the girl big with a totally different audience? Brilliant. :)

Also interestingly ridiculous was the fact that Cedric The Entertainer was pretty racist in his comments and attitude to the russians all the while preaching about how the black people are a part of white American and how people should thank them and how he is tired of people not appreciating the black man. Come to think of it, he didn't really talk about equality of all people at this point that much.

Well that's political correctness for you today: Black people can insult anyone and talk about anyone anyway, the brown people can also do so, the asians can also do so but the minute the white people open their mouth, it's judged as being discriminatory. If not discriminatory by direct comment then by exclusion of all things that are not typical American things. It is explained that most typical American things (traditions, ideas) are white only because that's what's been pushed on the society as a whole. Now that would have been a little believable if my Rolling Stone magazines weren't full of rock 'n rollers such Mariah Carey and JayZ and LL Cool J. Or Eminen. A lot of specialty culture (meaning culture observed by few people in real life) is being pushed down people's throats in the name of equality and political correctness and nobody really knows any better because most people only want to be cool and will follow whatever latest trends seems to be. Case in point, J.Lo's ridiculously front-missing dress that is now a must at every award show.

Overall, the movie seemed to have a racial agenda that really made the movie lack the original fun and cool factor of Get Shorty.

That's why I like Will Smith. He gets on the screen, he delivers an amazing performance and keeps all political, judicial, racial, religious, social, and all other issues out of it. He may use his fame and recognition to support different causes but he doesn't have roles that hijack the movie or the performance itself and start preaching. Chris Rock is also really cool about that.

Anyhoo, I'm gonna hope Mr. and Mrs. Smith is as much fun as I it's supposed to be. :)

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