Thursday, September 08, 2005

The 100 what?

There's a Technorati 100 list? Seriously, people need to do something at work instead of surfing blogs.

Why do I quote the whole paragraph? Just 'coz it was easier to highlight the whole paragraph and hit the blog button on the Google Toolbar. :)

Reporting back from BlogHer: "Since I had never seen the Technorati 100 before, I headed there. And predictably, found few women on it. I generally find such lists to be unidimensional and mostly useless, so do not feel unduly concerned that it is a male-dominated list. The important issue is reaching the people you want to connect to. The web is all about being able to reach the Long Tail. So, the more relevant question to me is: Do women bloggers have a harder time reaching people who are interested in the same topics? If the answer is yes, then that is more problematic."


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