Saturday, January 07, 2006

Sharon Doctor: Survival Prospects Good - Yahoo! News

Sharon Doctor: Survival Prospects Good - Yahoo! News: "JERUSALEM - Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's chances of surviving his severe stroke are very high, but his ability to think and reason have been damaged, one of his surgeons said Saturday.

The 77-year-old Israeli leader remained in critical condition, though his vital signs were stable and a brain scan Saturday showed a slight reduction in swelling.
Doctors are to decide Sunday when to begin lifting Sharon's medically induced coma to examine the severity of the brain damage.
'Tomorrow is the day of truth,' Dr. Jose Cohen, one of Sharon's surgeons, told Channel 2 TV. 'Tomorrow we will all know if what we did for him helped him or not.'"

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Well, I pray God will help Sharon and restore him.

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