Monday, May 28, 2007

Franchitti Wins Rain-Shortened Indy 500 -

Of all the people, the winner was Dario Franchitti?

What an Indy500! Nothing wrong with Dario Franchitti winning. Was just not rooting for him. I was personally hoping for Danica to cross the final yard. If not her then Kanaan. But, oh well. Danica raced well. So did Kanaan. Kanaan raced good enough to where he could've only been beaten by a better strategy. He had skill, faster car, better car, and a good strategy. But then the last pit stop, and then the little loss of control incident left him pretty far behind. He could've caught given enough time. Danica's pit crew was a little slower but she could've still had a shot if the rain hadn't come down when it did. Dario took a real big risk and I guess it paid off.

Good race for Davey Hamilton placing in the top 10 while restarting his career.

Oh well, there's always next year!

Franchitti Wins Rain-Shortened Indy 500 -

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