Tuesday, January 22, 2008

SQL Server vs. Oracle

So we wrote some pretty involved code for a project. It was using SQL Server 2000. There was all kinds of .NET controls that use the SQLDataSource component. All of a sudden at the last minute the requirement was changed to use Oracle 9.2. Now you would think simply changing the connection string would good to set all things pointing to Oracle.

Well! You'd be wrong!

The SQLDataSource component need to be specifically told the client type is Sql.OracleClient and it won't just read the correct configuration from the config file.

So all the code needs to re-examined. All test cases need to re-run.

Not to mention all schemas need to be regenerated in Oracle. And of course, Oracle doesn't do anything the easy or nice way. So that'll be who knows how long spent trying to fix this.

SQL Server 2000/5 have it so much better. Any thougths?

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