Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What a Project Manager!

So the project manager for my project has been somewhat distant. Sort of asking for things (demanding) when he feels like and simply not realizing that he's a project manager and not the manager. He is responsible for keeping the project schedule not dictating the resource's (individuals) schedule.

Today I included him in the loop about an issue where he woud like to know the progress and this task has been in the works for a little over couple of weeks and I thought he'd like to be involved. Also he might be able to use that PMP certification to some use. Instead of trying to be project manager and trying to get the things that the team needs, he chose to be confrontantional. Insinuating the I'm not doing enough to get this resolved. He starting sending emails CC'ing others asking if this was done or that was done. Whether a certain thing was tried. Little does he know that people in the lower ranks, where work gets done, actually know what they're doing. Otherwise, they would've have been promoted to middle management years ago. In the end the task was done, but a lesson was learnt: never include the project manager unless wasting the time is one's intention.

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