Thursday, February 26, 2009

WPF vs. WinForms!

As I design our groups main product and continue to see issues such as user experience including ADA compliance, I realize that I have to have a better solution than using fixed size images on the screen. So I set about searching for themes and see what the themes allow with Windows Presentation Foundation for dynamic GUI change.

I am hoping that this can translate well over embedding WPF based controls in the browser. Keep in mind that this is not a WPF web-based solution (kind of silverslight solution), but rather a .NET control. This .NET control is done in WPF and used either in thick client scenario or in a web-based embedded scenario.

There might be a better solution as I research more. There might be a way to design an app to be used in thick and thin clients using WPF without having to embed it in the browser, but then again that wouldn't work in my app. My app needs to download and run in the browser and open tcp channel.

Anyway, the following article was well written and has good points on WPF.

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