Thursday, September 09, 2004


Well, I think I fixed the customer's issue with the software that we delivered. So now, I pray it doesn't come back with another issue 'coz this customer is just finding one issue after another. First they sign off on a document saying they want what's stated in the document. Then they report one of the features as defect. Then they escalate to upper upper management that the defect software is not being fixed. Once they got my company to break the convention of rubbing the Func. Spec. in their face, they have been bringing up one non-issue after another non-issue.

Maybe my company should get a spine. How much would one of those be going for on eBay? I wonder.

Have been slow at guitar practice lately. Still haven't started looking for practice mates. Been planning on that for more than a year now. Just sitting back and messing with the computer at home.

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