Thursday, September 09, 2004


Been trying to get Managed DirectSound sample with the DX9.0c SDK to work. They're just not working. keeps returning "Error in the Application". Geez, could you scale back on the amount of information returned? I can't handle that much detail?

On the other hand, the VC++ 7.0 sample all work.

The DX9 installation is ok, then. Just the MDX samples don't work. Wrote code from scratch. Same problem. If it will just work.

Or I could just use the VC++ 7.0 and write wrapper classes and then use the classes in C# over interop. That's just too much work. Maybe I should just do my whole app in VC++ 7.0. Be smart and learn to deal with MSVC++ once again. Or I could just do another application. :)

It's all good.

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